Saturday, September 15, 2012


Ok here I sit and I am going to make a promise I am going to try and post at least once a month. I have been so bad but have had so many things going on these last few months. So an update

Aaron: 2yrs 4 months old and can't stop talking unless he's asleep and doesn't stop moving unless he's asleep or eating but even that is difficult at times.  He loves hanging out with his daddy and watch "chug" or "dino train".  He has his own language which I have become fluent in although there is still a word or two that I have trouble with. He is extremely high energy and that is ok with me.  Recently we had him in swim lessons which he did great and advanced to swim lessons without the parent! Don't know yet when we will start him with that but it will be soon.  I have just discovered as well that he has some fall allergies, but he deals with that with some Benadryl or Children's Zyrtec.

Andrew: Just turned 9 months and is "army" crawling and trying to learn to crawl on his hands and knees.  Has just recently developed the need to be held and will most often pitch a fit if I try to put him down.  Loves to eat and is long and lean.  Started transitioning him to more adult table foods and he is adjusting well.  Just got 2 teeth in and is working on 2 more.  We also have nicknamed him at least for the immediate future Count Andrewla as he looks like a vampire because his fangs came in first before his front two teeth!

Steve:  Doing better since seeing the chiropractor.  He was having some numbness and loss of function in his arms and all tests have been negative.  Thankfully is seeing some improvement with more non conventional medicine. He continues to lose weight and loves telling me when he is able to move his belt hole to the next one down.

Me:  I am also doing well now after my own little medical issue.  I can say that I have quit smoking after using the medication Chantix however I will not wish my side effects on my worst enemy.  Lets just say that although it did it's job it is a horrible drug and will never have a need to take it again.  My job is going well too, I have been told to head up our departments education team and have been working hard getting that up and running.  I want to go back to school but having some difficulty with the financial aid part.  I am determined to go though.

So that's an update on all of us.  As a family we are doing great we have reduced our former credit card debt now to less than 3,000$ and we are so close to being paid off that we can taste it.  We have been working hard for a long time and have learned many lessons along the way.  I have looked for other ways to save money and have really gotten into couponing.  Not the extreme type that it takes me 10 hours to plan a trip and all that but I can save quite a bit and most recently I save over 100$ over all with all the items that I got.  I will post more later including some recipes lately that I have tried and would like to share as well! Adios for now!!