Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another twist

Ok I know I haven't been on for awhile but really there had been nothing to report.  I made it to 237lbs before Aaron's first birthday so not the 100 lbs I was hoping for but definitely a darn good attempt at hitting that mark!!  I had to have some fluid taken out of my band about 3 weeks ago as I was having such difficulty with eating where it might take me 2-3 hrs to eat something that might be half of what a normal person would eat and I was totally disgusted with that.  I told the doctor that I know that I am supposed to be eating small portions and such but this was totally ridiculous!  He agreed and did take some out.  In the same visit I had to share with him some news that would affect the next year of weight loss but I will come back to that.

On to Aaron's first birthday!  It was a blast is all I can say!!  I had so much fun planning it and seeing most of my family and in laws come to the party to celebrate my son.  He's has taught me so much in the first year and has also grown by leaps and bounds.  At his 1 yr check up he was 23 lbs and 32 inches long!  He continues to impress me each day with what he can do and recently gives hugs and kisses to both Steve and I!

So onto my recent discovery of that I am pregnant with number 2!  I was a little overwhelmed when we originally found out as we had basically decided we were going to wait because I had just started my new job and didn't want to have a pregnancy to deal with while adjusting and getting to know my new coworkers.  Well God's plan was otherwise and here I am 9 weeks pregnant!  I have been feeling generally fine although this one is way different from Aaron's.  I have been having on and off nausea and general run downess(if that's a word).  I also have been freezing a lot lately!  So here's to the next 9 months of good health and newborn baby!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Keepin On

I happened to step on the scale today which lately is something I had been avoiding as I seemed not to be going down in weight but to my great surprise it 239 lbs.  This means I am at 91 lbs lost!!  I am still on track to lose that elusive 100 lbs by Aaron's 1st birthday.  Things have been relatively well for me lately.  I haven't been adjusted for several months as I have been losing steadily and that to my doctor is all that matters. He had told me at my last appointment that he was concerned about a number as much as he was concerned about how I felt.  I told him that I felt great and that as long as I was able to keep up with my son that I was ecstatic about the weight loss.
As far as the rest of the family Steve is good and continues his weight loss and Aaron continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  He just turned 10 months this past Tuesday and is surprising me every day what he can do.  He recently started walking with the help of a little push toy that he has.  He laughs all the time and likes to put everything in his mouth!  Typical child.  He has also recently learned he can climb and as a result likes to try and climb up on everything as well including mom and dad!  He has been my shining light through everything.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some good news

So to start I had a doctor's appt this past Monday and was incredibly shocked to hear that when I stepped on the scale that I had actually lost 8lbs since the last appointment!  I was jumping up and down in the office because I was so excited.  So I am officially at 243 lbs and that means 87lbs lost!  The doctor was so impressed with how I did he decided that I didn't need an adjustment and that I would continue on the same path that I am.  I have thought that if I continue losing as I am that I could in fact lose 100lbs by the time Aaron has his birthday!

I continue to have my good days and bad days and I continue to teach myself the difference in how I need to eat rather than how I want to eat.  This is still proving to be difficult even after almost 2 yrs after having the surgery. Steve continue to do well also.  He is losing which is good and it doesn't hurt either of us that we have to chase after a 9 month old!

Speaking of a 9 month old Aaron is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!  In the last few weeks has had a couple of new teeth come through and is working on about 4 more!  So now he has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.  He continues to crawl everywhere constantly getting himself into "trouble"!  In fact it was just yesterday that my dad said no wonder you lost 8lbs if you are always having to keep up with him. 

So after a quick update I also want to welcome home my friends husband who is back home with his family after serving his country!  I hope that they quickly adjust to life together as he has been away for almost 8 months.  Welcome home!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just another day

I have continued my weight loss and am at 85lbs lost now.  I have had a harder time losing lately because as my doctor says it's because now I have to "work" at it as opposed to having to it just fall off.  I had been sick about a month ago and I have seem to lose the restriction and can feel that at times can eat anything and any quantity.  I spoke with him regarding this and he feels that I may need an adjustment and I will be seeing him in a few short weeks.

Things around here have been keeping my incredibly busy and when I say things I mean mainly Aaron.  He's 8 1/2 months old now and crawling like you wouldn't believe and starting to "walk" around hanging on to the furniture.  My favorite thing to do to him lately is when I know that he wants to be picked up when I am not in the room that I walk to the other side of the room and make him crawl to me crying the whole way like I am torturing him or something. :)  I know that he will be walking soon enough and then running and then I don't know what I am going to do.  Lately I think he's been getting me back for being such a good night sleeper for so long and about the last 5 weeks or so has not slept through the night at all.  I surely miss a full nights sleep but have learned to live with it.

One thing that I have noticed lately is how much I miss hanging out with friends.  I try to keep in touch but the few close friends that I have live too far away for any of us to get together any time soon and we all have young kids so that doesn't help either at this moment.  I am hoping to spend some time out in Indiana this summer as well as looking forward to another visit from a friend as well.  I guess that I have to reach out more and try and reconnect with these wonderful awesome girls!  I just hope that everyone I have been thinking about lately are doing well and so are all of their boys and girls!!