Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some good news

So to start I had a doctor's appt this past Monday and was incredibly shocked to hear that when I stepped on the scale that I had actually lost 8lbs since the last appointment!  I was jumping up and down in the office because I was so excited.  So I am officially at 243 lbs and that means 87lbs lost!  The doctor was so impressed with how I did he decided that I didn't need an adjustment and that I would continue on the same path that I am.  I have thought that if I continue losing as I am that I could in fact lose 100lbs by the time Aaron has his birthday!

I continue to have my good days and bad days and I continue to teach myself the difference in how I need to eat rather than how I want to eat.  This is still proving to be difficult even after almost 2 yrs after having the surgery. Steve continue to do well also.  He is losing which is good and it doesn't hurt either of us that we have to chase after a 9 month old!

Speaking of a 9 month old Aaron is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!  In the last few weeks has had a couple of new teeth come through and is working on about 4 more!  So now he has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.  He continues to crawl everywhere constantly getting himself into "trouble"!  In fact it was just yesterday that my dad said no wonder you lost 8lbs if you are always having to keep up with him. 

So after a quick update I also want to welcome home my friends husband who is back home with his family after serving his country!  I hope that they quickly adjust to life together as he has been away for almost 8 months.  Welcome home!!

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