Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another twist

Ok I know I haven't been on for awhile but really there had been nothing to report.  I made it to 237lbs before Aaron's first birthday so not the 100 lbs I was hoping for but definitely a darn good attempt at hitting that mark!!  I had to have some fluid taken out of my band about 3 weeks ago as I was having such difficulty with eating where it might take me 2-3 hrs to eat something that might be half of what a normal person would eat and I was totally disgusted with that.  I told the doctor that I know that I am supposed to be eating small portions and such but this was totally ridiculous!  He agreed and did take some out.  In the same visit I had to share with him some news that would affect the next year of weight loss but I will come back to that.

On to Aaron's first birthday!  It was a blast is all I can say!!  I had so much fun planning it and seeing most of my family and in laws come to the party to celebrate my son.  He's has taught me so much in the first year and has also grown by leaps and bounds.  At his 1 yr check up he was 23 lbs and 32 inches long!  He continues to impress me each day with what he can do and recently gives hugs and kisses to both Steve and I!

So onto my recent discovery of that I am pregnant with number 2!  I was a little overwhelmed when we originally found out as we had basically decided we were going to wait because I had just started my new job and didn't want to have a pregnancy to deal with while adjusting and getting to know my new coworkers.  Well God's plan was otherwise and here I am 9 weeks pregnant!  I have been feeling generally fine although this one is way different from Aaron's.  I have been having on and off nausea and general run downess(if that's a word).  I also have been freezing a lot lately!  So here's to the next 9 months of good health and newborn baby!!

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