Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ok so I figured I type up another post and let you in on a little secret....I need a budget!  I see my one friend being so open and honest about her money and her families budget and I get really jealous.  I am so jealous in fact that I have messaged her in regards to her secret of what she does. 

To go back a few years briefly Steve and I have always been bad with money.  We get a little and we can't wait to burn it and then when it's all gone we look at each other and say where did it all go?  We have gone through a lot recently.  We were foreclosed on and yes we lost our home and it was all because we couldn't pay our mortgage and we were so upside down with the property it just didn't seem worth it all anymore.  We also going back about 3 yrs had over 30,000$ in debt.  That didn't include the house or cars.  We decided at that point we were going to try out on of those debt relief companies.

I have to say that over the last couple years they have done a lot for us by settling out over 25,000$ in debt.  Currently we have less than 5,000$ owed and only one car payment.  I do rent my house so we have that to consider in the mix but I can say that although we have struggled the last few years I am happy that we are almost to a point that we have no credit card debt.  We hopefully only have a few months left to settle these final debts.  Our car payment will still be 2 yrs off but once we have the credit card debt done maybe we can make extra payments and get the car paid off sooner.

This is very hard for me to write as I am admitting not only to myself but to the world that we have a problem.  We don't do very well at handling money.  We try and save and "something" always supposedly comes up or we "have" to have something that really we could live without.  I have tried to be really open about where the money goes but sometimes it just goes and even I don't remember where.

So from here on out we are going to budget our money!  We have a little credit card debt left to repay and we are going to pay it back.  We have some medical bills that need to get paid and they will and we will pay back what we owe on the car and that's it.  So here's to a new year of financial freedom!!

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