Monday, November 15, 2010

A continuing saga

I have been missing foods like crazy lately and the only reason that I can think of as to why is I miss the experience.  I can eat anything that I want but the issue is I always have to modify the meal in some way.  I can't sit and eat a big burger and fries or Portillo's beef because I can't eat the bread.  So for me I have to deconstruct the meal and only eat parts of it oh and fries are definitely out of the question.  I do have some good news though as of this morning I am down a total of 76 lbs!  That makes me feel better overall and my surgeon is just as thrilled that I have lost that much so fast.  He told me on Thursday that he normally looks for his patients to lose about 70 lbs in a year and he's so impressed with me because I have done 76 in 6 months! So for me there is great news and not so great news as I still miss food.

On another note Steve is doing great in fact I think he is doing better than I did when I had the surgery!  He bounced back so fast and when he had his post op appointment he had already last 12 lbs!  I am so proud of him one for going through the surgery and two for being able to bounce back so quickly after having the surgery!

So together we continue this journey and I know this is all for the best as we will both be healthier for keeping up with our 6 month old.

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