Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Clothes

So here I am in the present day as of this morning I'm weighing in at 262 lbs and have lost just 2 lbs shy of 70 and now am toying with the idea of buying a few new pieces of clothing.  I must tell you that this terrifies me more than anything that I have gone through with this entire surgical process.

I just recently went out to visit some very close to my heart friends and while there went shopping and happened upon a clothing store.  My friend said to me if you want we can go in and I had to agree.  Stepping into the store wasn't the worst part, the worst part was knowing if I found anything that I liked I would have to try it on and if I tried it on I felt like it would look terrible on me making me look super fat because it was too small.  Well I did find something I like, a pair of jeans that were two sizes smaller than what I would wear normally.  Ok so I tried them on and you know what they fit!  The best part was walking out of the dressing room and my friend telling me that I looked great!  That compliment made the whole experience that much better and knowing that my friend does read this I am going to send out a huge thank you for making my first shopping experience a great one!

The one thing that I have noticed in the last few weeks is the scale is not going down as fast as it once was and that in part is my fault as I have finished breastfeeding and therefore the calories don't get burned off as fast as they once used too.  This little fact is a little discouraging as I would have liked the weight to keep "falling" off but I know that I wasn't going to nurse forever so I had to get it done with.  I have decided that now is a good time to start getting involved with a gym and start working out.  I haven't done this before because it was just too difficult as I was just too heavy and any little workout would leave super sore and achy.  I for the most part deal with lots of aches and pains daily and I think that this would just because the weight is being redistributed on my hips and legs.  I have talked with another friend of my that has had the lap band and has lost approximately 90 lbs and she says that her biggest pain was in the hips and legs as well.   I also know that I need to find a personal trainer for at least the first couple of times that I go to help me establish a routine and what I need to do.

I have good food days and bad food days.  When it's good I can eat almost anything without having any problems but when it's bad I can barely eat anything and spend most of my meal running back and forth from the bathroom trying again and again to eat but nothing works.  I have learned a lot through almost 18 months of living with the lap band.  I know that not only do I not regret my decision but am happy with the results and what it has taught me.

I wanted with this blog to share my weight loss journey from beginning to end.  My goal is to get down to approximately 180 lbs when all is said and done and this includes the plastic surgery that I know I will eventually need and going through at least one more pregnancy.  I have been able to put down the last 18 months into words and now want to focus on the here and now.  More to come as always!

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