Monday, October 4, 2010


As I have explained before when Steve and I got married children were not far from our minds.  We knew that we wanted to wait a little while before having children to give us and our marriage time to get used to each other.  Steve was my high school sweetheart and we have known each other now for about 16 years.  I think I knew from the beginning that we would get married.  We just fit together.  We knew how to laugh and how to love and as "tough" as Steve seems to be really he is just a big ole teddy bear!

The lap band changed our marriage a little and I truly believe with as heavy as Steve is there was some aspect of jealousy that he had when I started losing weight so rapidly.  I know during the first few months his weight went up as food became his crutch while my weight went down.

During the month of September I had gone to the surgeon and had hit a personal goal of mine of 50lbs lost.  I was truly excited but having children was still a far off thought in my mind.  I knew that I wanted kids soon but wasn't quite ready to be pregnant.  That would all change at 4:00 am on the morning of September 10, 2009.  That little stick that happened to be the thing that would completely change my life.  I was pregnant!  After only 3 months after surgery and 50lbs lost I was having a baby!!

I remember walking into our bedroom as Steve was still asleep and whispering to him that we were pregnant and had to laugh as he rolled over and went back to sleep.  I think for both of us it was a few days before it really sunk in and it was truly exciting to share with everyone our news!  I made the first appointment with the doctor and when we went in we found out that we were about 8 weeks pregnant at the time but I think that at this appointment was the time when it became truly real as during the ultrasound we were able to see our little babies heart beat going strong.

For me the hardest part was having to deal with knowing that I was pregnant and having to tell my surgeon that my weight loss was going to be put on hold for now.  As far as I know he was excited but a little disappointed with the fact that I was pregnant and for me that was the only person I was truly afraid of telling because I didn't know how he would react.  Now I knew that a new journey would begin and it would only be a short nine months until my life would again change.

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