Friday, October 1, 2010

A continuing saga

So as it goes I was in the middle of June with my weight loss journey.  I continued through the next couple of months going every six weeks to the doctor to be adjusted.  Stepping on the scale actually became my favorite thing to do.  I would randomly step on during the week and was amazed at how quickly the weight was coming off!  I was truly happy when the scale showed my at under 300 lbs and that day I swore never to be heavier than that again.  Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen but that is another post.  By the end of August I had lost approximately 45 lbs.  By all accounts I felt good and I felt better overall.  My body didn't hurt as much and my feet which always hurt at my heaviest didn't hurt at all anymore.

I could still generally eat what I wanted to but just had to control portion sizes.  It's definitely interesting when you go into a restaurant and order.  You get these huge entrees and you end up taking at least half sometimes more like 3/4 of it home with you because you are full.  I struggled mostly with what I needed to eat vs what I wanted to eat.  I had been able to eat out anywhere and eat what I wanted but now sometimes things would "stick".  You will hear me use that term a lot with each post.  It really just means that whatever I eat decides that it doesn't want to go through the band all that fast and the food will "stick" in the back of your throat. Not to sound gross but when the food sticks your done eating as you completely lose your appetite.  The solution to the sticking is only of of two things 1) it will go down eventually and when I say eventually it's like 30-60 minutes or 2) it comes back up on you and yes I mean throwing up.  My first problem was with a portillos sandwich at work.  I had been very careful about taking small bites but unfortunately that darn sandwich had me running to the bathroom just in the nick of time.  Yep and that's when I realized the hard part about having had the had to be careful.  So it might have been the first time that I did that but it definitely would not be the last.

So at the beginning of September I had gone in for one of my many followups and I had hit that 50lb mark.  I was thrilled and just wanted to be able to keep going that rapidly but things were about to change and when I say change I mean BIG change!!

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